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About us

Central Dental Surgery Team

Central Dental Surgery is a modern practice located in the heart of Wellington City. Our staff are committed to frequently updating their skills and expertise to provide the best and most up-to-date dental care.

We aim to provide first-class treatment and also ensure excellent preventative care. Through ongoing patient support we strive to create an awareness for how crucial proper dental hygiene is, not just for our mouths but for overall health.

Our support staff, Vanessa & Larisa will make you feel welcome and comfortable throughout your visit. 

If English is not your first language, we may be able to assist. Our team has a diverse background and we can help you in Russian, Lithuanian or Polish.

Dentists & Hygienist

All of our practitioners are registered with the Dental Council and Dental Association of New Zealand.

Doctor Irina Kvatch

Ph.St(Dent). BDS
Dental Surgeon

Our principal dentist is a member of both the New Zealand Dental Association and the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Irina gained her Masters degree in Stomatology from the Minsk Medical School.

Irina moved to Wellington where she enrolled with the Dental Council of New Zealand and took over the Central Dental Surgery in 1997. She brings a wealth of experience and a great ethic for patient care to all areas of her practice. Irina is assisted by Larisa who also speaks Russian.  

Due to her interest in continued learning, Irina frequently attends courses and seminars to discover the latest techniques in dentistry and in July 2015 became the first New Zealander to gain the title of Master Affiliate in Fastbraces®an internationally 

recognised title.

Current certifications:
Fastbraces® Master Affiliate (2015) Fastbraces® (2014), Inman aligners (2014), Operative Dentistry (2011), Advance Laser Training (2011), Anterior Aesthetic Alignment (Invisalign, 2010), Advanced Endodontics (2010).

Aarti Parmar

Dental Hygienist

At Central Dental Surgery we recognise and fully support the need for dental hygiene treatment. 

Aarti is currently at Central Dental Surgery on Mondays.

Doctor Rob Young

Dental Surgeon

Rob Young has been at Central Dental Surgery since April 2017. 

Rob spends his time between a dental surgery in Otaki and here at Central Dental Surgery.

Currently Rob is at Central Dental Surgery on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Did you know? 

Drink your water Central dental surgery

During exercise our saliva production is slowed right down with non essential water in the body being turned to sweat. When water is removed from saliva we are left with thick mucus and without the presence of that thin watery saliva our teeth aren't protected against bacteria, acid or sugar. 

Saliva glands can take up to 30 minutes to start producing watery saliva or longer if the body isn't hydrated enough.

In this time if you drink a sugary Powerade or eat an acidic orange you can be causing your teeth serious harm and not rehydrating as fast as you could if you chose to drink water. 

Your body deserves the best so stick to water when exercising.