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BioHorizon ® Dental Implants

Central Dental Surgery uses BioHorizon Implants to give our patients the freedom to talk, smile and eat the way they want to. These implants are made from medical grade, biocompatible titanium which integrates with bone to create a safe alternative to traditional bridges and dentures.  There are several ways an implant can be used to replace missing teeth in the mouth:
Individual dental implants: 
Where a single implant is placed to replace a small gap in the dentition. In some cases one implant can support two crowns. 
Placing an implant prevents bone loss in the area as the bone remains stimulated through chewing.

Implant-supported fixed bridge:
Implant supported bridges involve placement of one or more implants to hold a bridge in place. This allows for a secure, natural looking bridge that doesn't cause damage to the surrounding healthy teeth. This style of placement also prevents bone loss and keeps the remaining teeth in their natural position. 

Implant-supported dentures:
Several implants are placed along the arch underneath the denture. This option allows the denture to replace all upper or lower teeth without needing an anchor tooth. This type of implant holds the denture securely in place and allows the patient to eat and talk without worrying about the denture moving. There are two different implant attachments that can be placed; a fixed denture is attached to the implants securely and is only removed by a dentist for a thorough clean or a removable denture that is still held in place very securely but can be removed by the patient nightly for cleaning.

Implants do require patient to make the commitment to attend regular dental check ups and regardless of the placement of an implant it will require a thorough professional cleaning roughly every six months to ensure the bone surrounding the implant is healthy and irritant free.