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Frequently Asked Questions about Fastbraces ® Treatment

How do Fastbraces ® work?

Fastbraces ® are designed to do what traditional braces do - only they can do it faster. Fastbraces ® have a unique design that is able to move the crown and root of the teeth simultaneously. Conventional braces have to move the crown and roots in two separate steps, so the process takes longer.

Who can wear Fastbraces ®?

Fastbraces ® are designed to be worn anytime after the adult teeth have become fully formed. A simple X-ray can determine whether or not the roots of the tooth are fully formed. At Central Dental Surgery we have patients ranging in age from 11 years old to 58 years old.

Do Fastbrace® hurt?

Any time you alter the position of your teeth - regardless of the method, there is going to be some discomfort. However, since Fastbrace® can move the crown and root of teeth at the same time, they cause less discomfort than conventional braces.

How long does it take to see the results from Fastbrace®?

Instead of waiting 2 or 3 years with conventional braces, Fastbrace® can give most people straighter smiles in a year or less. In fact, there are plenty of people who have seen remarkable results from their Fastbrace® in just a few months.

I whiten my teeth, can I still wear Fastbraces ®?

NO. Unfortunately the peroxide in whitening products can have an effect of the bonding of brackets to the teeth. 

We recommend our patients wait until treatment is finished before whitening. 

This will allow them to use their retainer tray as a whitening tray and result in an even all over whitening. 

Whitening products that can affect treatment are: Whitening Toothpastes containing peroxide, store bought or over the counter tooth whitening solutions.

If a patient has been whitening their teeth we recommend them to stop at least four weeks before beginning treatment.

Are Fastbrace® safe?


Fastbrace® are the original fast and safe patented braces system developed by Dallas orthodontist, Dr. Anthony Viazis, over 20 years ago when he recognised the patients' desire for braces treatment that could be done fast without the risks that come with the older conventional braces. With patient safety in mind, Dr. Viazis developed a system that could straighten teeth differently than the conventional braces, thus allowing for a fast, safe and affordable solution.

How long will the treatment take?

Typically, anywhere between three months to about a year. Our dentist Doctor Irina Kvatch will be able to give patients a better idea at an initial consultation.

Are there clear braces available?

Yes, Fastbrace® does offer clear (ceramic) brackets. This option does increase the cost of treatment. If interested, please 

ask Doctor Irina Kvatch, our Principle Dentist, about the clear braces option during your consultation. Clear braces are an excellent option for working adults who would prefer their treatment be subtle.

Do all patients qualify for Fastbrace®?

Most patients qualify. An initial consultation is the perfect time to discuss all options with our dentist Doctor Irina Kvatch. Some very extreme cases aren't suitable and if this is the case Irina will be able to explain and explore further treatments and referrals with you. 

Are there any risks at Fastbrace® compared to traditional braces?

No, There are no more risks of crown or root problems than those associated with other tooth straightening methods.